Our Services

Our areas of expertise:

We provide a range of services across all sectors of the industry on projects as diverse as the industry itself.

Project Management

We work with Clients to help define the project scope and develop our appreciation of the business plan along with key objectives with regards to time, cost, quality and risk. We will work with our Clients to then assemble a specialised delivery team based on these objectives to ensure that the project is a success whilst providing strategic contract support and detailed reporting. Our Project Managers will be the main point of contact throughout the duration of the project.

Cost Consultancy

Involved in developments from the outset, our Chartered Cost Consultants will use their expert knowledge to help control the construction cost by accurate measurement of the works as the project progresses.  We have a detailed understanding of the design and development process and as such can contribute during the early stages of the project to ensure the design delivers the best possible value for our Clients.

Employers Agent / Contract Administration 

We work with Clients to ensure that the pre and post contract activities are executed correctly, providing an appraisal of risks whilst working to formulate the project brief and specific requirements. We will also review design proposals and undertake a full analysis of the tender to ensure that it complies with the Employers Requirements.

Development / Fund Monitoring

We work to ensure that our Clients interest in a development is protected. We work on behalf of Funds and Investors alongside the delivery teams to identify and analyse potential project risks before and as they arise and actively monitor and endeavor to mitigate these risks to protect our clients interest in the development.

Building Surveying

We provide a host of services covering all building types across all areas of the industry from traditional building surveys to dilapidations, stock condition surveys and insurance rebuild surveys and valuations. Our Chartered Surveyors can assess, recommend and rectify defects in your buildings and manage the remedial works if necessary.

Risk Management

The TCC risk management team identifies and provides detailed comprehensive analysis of potential project impacts by utilising suitable Risk Management Techniques. Our risk analysis and management process entails identifying development and construction risks, and formulating an effective risk management strategy to mitigate the potential for loss.