Workplace Inspection

Workplace Inspection

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires all employers to have suitable arrangements in place to be able to manage risks to their employees and other that maybe affected by their undertakings. There is also a clear requirement for employers to proactively monitor the arrangements they have in place for safety as opposed to just looking at accident and incident statistics which is reactive.

Inspections are a great tool for managers and supervisors, they can gauge current performance, identify hazards, areas for improvement and potentially avoid workplace accidents and ill-health.

Proactive monitoring methods, such as workplace inspections can be of great value to any organisation. Having them done by an external, competent safety professional can also add further value. An honest, neutral and confidential workplace inspection which is supported by prioritised recommendations can help to identify, prioritise and plan where limited funding is best allocated.

Our qualified health and safety professionals can complete inspections on your behalf. The inspection will provide you with an impartial snapshot of how effective your safety management system is being applied. They also highlight the importance of having a good safety culture and can assist with cost reduction.

As a part of our inspection, we will highlight good practices as well as make recommendations (where possible) as to how you can implement changes to improve. Our workplace inspections include an electronic report written on completion.

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